This List is not always 100% Spot on with the PP.

Processing power unlock item listEdit

At 1 PP: Steel Bar, Aluminum Bar, Copper Bar, ExtreMax Multibattery, Thickgrip Boots, Gravity Boots, 65002b Capacitor, PPU , FUB , Singlex Processing Core , Signal Switch, Centriforge 4D Fabricator, Statis Containment Unit, Xenotech Gravity Platform, MineXL Helmet, Red Light, Blue Light, Green Light, Yellow Light, Cyan Light, Magenta Light, Ferrocrete, Structural Ferrocrete, Titanocrete, Concrete, Ceramic, Nanotech Med, Nanotech Rad, o24u Tank, Copper-Zinc Recharge, Nickel-Iron Recharge, Regolith Oxygen Refill, Ice Oxygen Refill, DataEnergy Relay 5x, Class A Solar Array, Emergency VacSuit.

At 3 PP: Gold Bar, Wall Panel, Metal Panel.

At 5 PP: Door Panel, Grated Floor.

At 8 PP: 78003c Capacitor .

At 9 PP: Dual Panel Door Frame.

At 10 PP: Titanium Bar, Celrite+, Conduit.

At 11 PP: Lit Wall Panel.

At 13 PP: C3PU , Prospector Mk. II.

At 15 PP: Atmosphere Direct.

At 17 PP: OCP MX Circuit .

At 19 PP: Phoenix Helmet.

At 20 PP: Outlander OpPack.

At 21 PP: Admentium

At 25 PP: LittleMan 7

At 31 PP: Stacked Storage, Bigboy, MultiMode Repeater

At 40 PP: Heavy Door Frame.

At 51 PP: Air Gordan.

At 55 PP: GHOSTcore .

At 100 PP: Endurium Bar - Low Ore, Clear Glass.

At 110 PP: Watchtower EnviroSuit-D.

At 111 PP: ZOMG Converter.

At 115 PP: Endurium Bar - High Ore, Max Cap.

At 150 PP: Dok Zaius

At 155 PP: SkyStrider Darkside

At 175 PP: RJ-45

At 180 PP: X4 Board

At 190 PP: SpectreTech Power Pro

At 200 PP: Threadless Processing Array

At 225 PP: Massive Door Frame

At 301 PP: StoreRite

At 310 PP: Sync Source Relay, Fatboy 9x.

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