• Zenithar96

    Recently,I've been playing Xenominer and been haveing a lot of fin. But the game could use some patches with more items. I'll start by saying what could be added.

    1:Miniature Spaceship:TH=his would help the player travel the skys and get to places faster.

    2:Rover:To move easily and quickly around the land in vehicle instead of on-foot.

    3:PVP:Have a friednly competition between friends with their tools and gadgets they have made.

    4:More Weapon types:Theres only a pistol and Assult Rifle.IT would be better if they're were a shotgun or sniper or SMG.(Or maybe a rocket launcher).

    And heres a few to start.I'll think of more later.Have any thhing you want to see thats not in this little list?Comment down below.

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  • Manic Interplanetary Miner

    I love Xenominer, and pretty much any block game. Generally, I try to correct any error I see. I've also seen how Xenominer is somewhat underrated, and I think it should have lots more players! :D 

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  • Reaper123321


    October 31, 2013 by Reaper123321

    awhile back in the whats coming section it said we were getting pressurized areas. it dosent say it there anymore. did we get that already?

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  • Qgon

    Edit all the article's!

    October 25, 2013 by Qgon

    Well I did say I was going to fill the wiki with info, and I did! I got plenty of free time so get ready for more.

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  • Qgon


    October 25, 2013 by Qgon

    I did a bit of editing a few months back and then droped off the face of the internet for awhile. that was beacuse i had to send my computer back. now that i got a new one this wiki should be filled with info in to time!

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  • Darkaila

    Building ideas

    September 9, 2013 by Darkaila

    I have an idea for a large fort can anyone give me any ideas to add to the fort?

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