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XenoMiner Funding Cut

I recently learned that Gristmill Studios, creators of XenoMiner and XenoMiner Swarm, are going through a rough patch financially and had to drop all previous games in order to save their in-progress title.  More details on the official Gristmill forums.
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End Game?

is there an ending to all the mining? or is it just continuous forever?
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Is there any kinda of chest in the game of so whats the crafting lvl you need and materials
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Adopting the Wiki

I am going to put in a request to adopt the wiki.  However, I'd like to discuss who should get admin/bureaucratic rights.  If no one replies I'll assume direct control.
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Is anyone still here?
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Taming Xenos

I am new to the game.  So far I made a makeshift "base" using the remains of the ship and plugging the remaining holes with Crash Foam.  I just made a Centriforge but don't know what to do next.  Any suggestions?
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I hope it's okay...

I made a Crash Foam article, and I'm still trying to get a picture.
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I decided to have a look...

I like Xenominer, so I thought I'd have a look! What should I do of I want multiple people in a game? Should I just use the Xenomorph Tower, or make my own tower?
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The Bot

Everyones favorite robot thats so hard to figure out and so fun to play with once u have. Anyone have a good code they want to share?
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What is so special about the air gordan boots
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a new tool

a S.W.O.R.D for hitting evil things
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Future Updates

So, what do you most want in a future update?
There is already a poll on the front page but here you can go into more detail.
Multiplayer is currently being worked on, so are doors and windows.
Flight packs and various other special armour effects are likely to be out in the next update.
Special conduit wires for remote activation of objects are being worked on.
They are also releasing new textures for the game.
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the xenomorphs

who are they what is the story
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